empowering individuals

Around the world through AI technology as a self service tool
to find and reconnect with their families.

FMP has created a simple yet effective way for individuals to safely locate and reunite with their families.

Step 1

Individuals input information of a individual and/or of their family members on our secure and confidential website.

Step 2

Upon submission, our website then searches all entries for a match.

Step 3

Once a potential link to his/her family is found, a notification is made, our platform gives an output — ultimately paving the way for the families to reunite.

We believe that no child should have to experience parental child abduction.

Children who grow up in single-parent homes or who are abducted by one of their parents struggle with a number of socio-economic and psychological issues. They are at-risk for emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. They are more likely to suffer from poverty, limiting their access to quality education and health services. Research shows that children and adults who’ve suffered from child parental abduction also experience psychological issues and generational trauma as they’re robbed of half of their identity — sometimes losing an entire culture, language, and the support of extended family.

Children Affected Globally

Find My Parent is committed to raising awareness globally on the following issues: kidnapping, child abuse, parental child abduction, parental alienation and human trafficking.

While the database is in English, Spanish, Danish and Japanese currently, our team is working hard to expand our global reach by translating the website and database so it’s available in 20 of the most commonly spoken languages. We work hand-in-hand with our partners around the world advocating for effective policy changes to ensure that each and every missing child is reunited with their families as quickly as possible.

Our Founder's Story

Founder and CEO, Enrique Gutierrez knows the pain of children and parents being separated. Getting divorced in Japan resulted in Enrique having his beautiful daughter, Meline, kidnapped from him. Due to the sole custody laws and zero enforcement of visitation rights, Enrique has not seen nor heard from his daughter or ex-wife for the past two years. Even worse, Meline has no way to look for Enrique. Enrique realized that his daughter should have the ability to try to reach out to him and this prompted Enrique to found Find My Parent.

Enrique’s story is not unique in Japan - there are over 3 million similar cases in Japan alone. Children and parents are routinely separated at borders, such as that of the United States and Mexico, with no way for children and parents to find each other again. Incidences of parental child abduction have grown as the world becomes more connected and international marriages become more common. A large number of children are also abducted by a parent domestically - many of these cases are never even reported.

Our Knowledge Base

Created and curated to help you with every doubt, question and support you need with parental alienation and abduction.

MIssing Children

Child abduction alerts implemented in 18 countries

Child abduction alerts, patterned after the U.S. AMBER Alert, have been implemented in 18 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Child Trafficking


原告ら(予定)は、日本の家事事件手続法の不備より、自らの意に反し、親子が引き離され、 会えず、養育に関われません。憲法・条約等に違反して、家事事件手続を利用しても親子養育の利益・権利が実現しなかったため、 当事者が集団となり、近いうちに国を相手に損害賠償請求事件、いわゆる集団国賠を提起する予定です。

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